How does it work ?

Before your departure

  • Once you arrived at the airport you can directly park your car in our parking (watch the video below)
  • No waiting, we take care of you immediately.
  • You will be on the airport in no time with our shuttle.
  • And we drop you off at the checking desk.

While you are travelling, your car is parked in our closed parking, guarded with surveillance camera.

When you come back

  • Exit by the main entrance of the airport (door number 3)
  • Go straight forward and pass the cash register and the lift
  • Our shuttle should be parked nearby
  • Don’t worry we follow the flights schedule constantly
  • We wait for any late plane
  • We take you back to our parking so that you can retrieve your car
  • In only 2 min you can reach the motorway (either you are heading for France or Switzerland)

Route to the payment desk and lift

From France
From Lausanne

Other frequent questions

How to book?

Booking is mandatory and must be 12 hours before your departure.

What are the information’s needed to book?

We need your flight departure and arrival time, where the flight is coming from and also your license plate number, brand, model color of your car.

How to pay for the booking?

Online when you book (Mastercard, Visa or Post finance) or by cash when you return if you booked by phone.

Where to find my valet before departure?

Before your departure our driver will be waiting for you on our parking lot at Châtelaine. And at your return he will be waiting in the shuttle near the arrival area.

What shall I do if my plane is late?

For the departing flights: please inform our driver by calling the number on the confirmation e-mail.
For the returnal flights: we keep an eye on the flight schedule, so we will know if a plane is late.

Where to park my car ?

Directly on our parking lot at Châtelaine as indicated in “How does it work

What to do if my flight is canceled?

Insurance for a flight cancellation is included in our price .If booked online and the flight is canceled in a delay of 24 h before departure ,King Valet gives you a whole refund.

What to do if I extend my trip?

Just send us an email. We will only charge CHF 10.- per day.

Where can I get my vehicle?

Our driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals and will drop you off at King Valet’s parking lot.

Where is King Valet ‘s Parking Lot?

Not far from the airport, you can put the following information in your GPS and you’ll find the location easily.
(Latitude : 46.21406931 – Longitude : 6.10380901).
Chemin J-Ph. de Sauvage 37, 1219 Châtelaine

Opening hours

From 4:30 am to 1am 7/7

Customer service

King Valet takes care of his clients from the departure or the arrival, every day from 4:30 am to 1:00 am, including holydays.
Driver +41 (0)78 971 10 13
Ch. J-Ph. de Sauvage 37 1219 Châtelaine